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Makar Vorobyov
Makar Vorobyov

QlikTech QlikView Desktop Editio NEW!

I have installed qlik view desktop client which is personal edition and my admin has provided license to the server and provided me the access point url and with that I can able to open the document from open with server, after closing the document still my qlik view is prompting to personal edition itself. My admin provided CAL and allow license leased also enabled. Please help me out in resolving this issue. How can I lease license from server?

QlikTech QlikView Desktop Editio

I have named cals on the server which I take lease to my local desktop. Everytime I connect to server I get my Qlikview showing using license lease from server. your current lease will expire in 30 days. But when I open the qlikview next time It will bounce back to personal edition. I am working on some 10 documents both old and new. sometimes even qlikview will show up a message telling that you are trying to open a document which was developed in personal edition of qlikview. Do you want to open it. (I feed autosave feature had tryed to save my documents in personal edition earlier???) I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the Qlikview but that also does not help.

Whenever I use qlikview and if it shows personal edition. the old documents created will lose its data and it will automatically save. I have to again connect to server renew the lease and reload the data.


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