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Ielts On Track Academic Book Free Download

Ielts On Track Academic Book Free Download

If you are preparing for the IELTS test, you may be looking for some reliable and authentic material to practice with. One of the books that you can consider is IELTS On Track by Stephen Slater and Donna Millen. This book is a new set of IELTS test practice material suitable for self-study, IELTS preparation classes and further education training. It has over 200 pages packed with practice tests and test preparation activities, including two complete interviews for the revised IELTS Speaking Test. The book also comes with an audio CD that contains listening and speaking practice tests. You can download the book and the audio CD for free from the link below.


IELTS On Track is designed to help you improve your test performance and achieve your desired band score. It covers all four modules of the IELTS test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It provides you with a clear overview of the test format and the scoring system used by Cambridge ESOL. It also gives you useful tips and strategies on how to approach each section of the test and avoid common mistakes. The book contains four complete tests for both Academic and General Training candidates, with answer keys and tapescripts. You can use these tests to familiarize yourself with the test format and practice your time management skills. You can also check your answers and learn from your mistakes by referring to the answer keys and tapescripts.

IELTS On Track also offers you a variety of test preparation activities that help you develop your language skills and test techniques. These activities include vocabulary exercises, grammar drills, writing tasks, speaking topics and model answers. You can use these activities to expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar accuracy, enhance your writing coherence and cohesion, and boost your speaking fluency and confidence. The book also provides you with two complete interviews for the revised IELTS Speaking Test, with sample answers and examiner's comments. You can use these interviews to understand the criteria used by the examiners to assess your speaking performance and learn how to improve your score.

IELTS On Track is a comprehensive and effective resource for IELTS test preparation. It is suitable for students who are working partly or entirely on their own, as well as for teachers who want to supplement their classroom teaching with additional material. You can download the book and the audio CD for free from [this link]. You can also find more IELTS books on [this website]. We hope that you find this book useful and wish you all the best in your IELTS test.


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