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Chess Rush APK 2022: The Best Heroes and Strategies for Every Match

You face off in epic strategic chess battles in real-time. It additionally boasts innovative 10+ minute matches (Turbo Mode), 2v2 Co-op Mode, and the teamwork-focused Squad Clash mode (4v4). Create your elite formation from a roster of 50+ heroes and compete against 7 other players to become the King of the Board.

chess rush apk 2022

Combat systems in Chess Rush are far simpler. 50+ heroes, 88 standard chessboard. Feeling bored playing the game alone? Form a 2-player or 4-player team and join team matches. Communicate with your teammates and come up with a winning strategy. Set up your formation, upgrade your heroes and activate their combos, and make the best use of your equipment. You will need to purchase heroes and upgrades, create a team of heroes, and put them in matches.

Tencent is a giant in the mobile game production market. Many of their games have made the trend worldwide. Recently, the players in the world like the games with the gameplay combined with chess styles like Auto Chess Mobile or Dota Underlords. Therefore, Tencent also wants to have a market share in this hot game segment. They have just launched the latest game called Chess Rush. It is now available for mobile phones.

Chess Rush still retains the style of other games of the same genre but is still quite new to many people. At the beginning of the game, you will have 2 gems to buy the heroes. After that, you can drag them to an 88 chessboard to fight. Each player will have 100 blood points. When you lose the game, the blood will be deducted depending on the seriousness. In the first three rounds, you will fight monsters to gain experience, Gems and equipment. You will get more or less depending on your luck. After that, you can use what you collected to upgrade and buy more generals to continue for the next PvP rounds.

In addition, Chess Rush includes a lot of different fights with both monsters and other players. You need to constantly give tactics and organize your team to win the opponent. Combining heroes into the same class will help you activate the hidden stats and increase their strength. These tactics require research and experience through many games. An experience for you to compete more effectively is to never rush to spend the gems you earned. Instead, you should accumulate them. The more gem you accumulate, the more Gems you will gain after each game.

While other chess games focused on building strong and powerful characters, Chess Rush went in a different direction. It will be built with a fantasy style. The heroes will come out from a fairytale that looks very beautiful and lovely. Also, the image quality will be at the highest level with crisp and vivid images. You can even see the grass around the chessboard moving smoothly in the wind. In addition, Chess Rush also invested a lot in the skill effect. They will be quite grandiose, bringing a sense of authentic fighting feeling to players. There are also a few points that may make the player unsatisfied like not showing damage during the fight.

A belated happy new year, everyone. We hope that your resolutions, chess-based or otherwise, are well underway. Here's our first monthly update of the year, featuring new improvements, event coverage, exciting previews, and a truly diabolical kitten.

This is a question for all video game and chess nerds out there on - I'm guessing there might be just a few. Anyway, I'm about a 1400 level player and was thinking about buying Chess Master for the Playstation Portable. Anyone used that on the PSP? Is it a good investment for improving someone's chess game past the 1400 level, or is it just for tyros? This is a free online chess platform that offers a similar experience to It includes a variety of chess variants and puzzles, and has a large community of This is another popular online chess platform that offers live streaming of top chess tournaments, as well as interactive lessons and This is a chess platform developed by ChessBase, which is a popular chess software company. It offers online tournaments and a large database of chess This is a social chess platform that allows players to connect with other chess enthusiasts from around the world. It includes a variety of chess variants and This is a chess training website that offers a variety of chess puzzles and games to improve your skills.

Kabarnya sendiri disampaikan langsung melalui pengumuman in-game, di mana para pemain dikejutkan dengan rencana pihak developer dan publisher yang akan mematikan server gamenya mulai tanggal 6 April 2022 mendatang. Tidak ada alasan spesifik yang diberikan mengenai rencana penutupan ini, tapi di saat yang sama bisa diprediksi kalau penyebabnya mungkin karena minat dari genre auto battler tersebut yang tidak bertahan lama dan semakin sepi peminat.

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Jika kamu memang tertarik untuk mencoba gamenya lebih dulu sebelum resmi ditutup, Chess Rush masih bisa dimainkan sampai April 2022 mendatang. Sementara bagi kamu yang tertarik dengan game sejenisnya yang kebetulan memegang posisi lebih prominen yaitu Auto Chess, gamenya sendiri masih aktif beroperasi tanpa tanda-tanda akan ditutup.

A battle auto-battler game is known as a strategy game that features an automatic battle mechanism. Players construct an army of characters who gain power through self-designed armies. When the battle begins, these characters fight among each other to utilize all their resources. Playing a role as a gunner will require players to stay away from the battle and protected. This allows them to deal damage without being distracted. It also helps players maximize their potential by playing to their strengths. Gladiators must always face the front line, ready to charge the enemy and protect the back line. Once a mission is assigned to them, gladiators can also pursue a specific goal of harassing the enemy's primary damage. Playing the game with this in mind will help you understand the game better as you progress. There's no need to rush when studying tactics. Games with chess, battle royale and RPG elements are extremely complicated when it comes to tactics. People might want to consider combining these three popular types of games into one.

Basically, it is called a strategy auto-battler game, a strategy game based on an automatic battle mechanism. Players will have to build for themselves an army of characters that bring themselves different kinds of power. When the battle begins, these characters will rush into and fight with each other to use everything they have. Characters will maximize their potential, but players must also be smart in arranging a squad. For example, if an actor plays the role of a gunner, they will have to be protected and stand away from the fighting to be able to deal damage without being disturbed.

The tactical element of the chess game has been analyzed, and the other two factors also have a tremendous impact on the style of the player. It will be like a role-playing game because the characters you use in battle will continue to be strengthened. Each round will be played with a few heroes from the store. Just three heroes are the same, and they will automatically upgrade that character to a higher level. A 3-star style is maximum power. With eight characters participating in a battle. They split the pair to compete, and each loss will be deducted a specific HP score. The winner will be the last man standing, which is the element of the Battle Royal.

Melalui laporan yang kita dapatkan lewat akun Facebook resminya, Level Infinite selaku Developer game ini mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan melakukan penutupan Server dari Chess Rush. Penutupan ini akan mereka lakukan pada tanggal 7 April 2022 pada jam 09.00 WIB. Pihak Studio juga langsung mengucapkan rasa apresiasi bagi para gamer Indonesia yang sudah mencoba game buatan mereka ini.

Dituliskan juga bahwa para gamer tidak lagi mendapatkan izin untuk mengunduh aplikasi ini mulai tanggal 5 Januari 2022. Dari sini juga, mereka akan menutup semua bentuk transaksi Top-Up dan segala Event Update yang sedang berlangsung. Namun, untuk kamu yang sudah terlanjur melakukan Top-Up pada tanggal 5 Januari 2022, maka kalian akan mendapatkan reward spesial berupa Alchemy Stars berisikan 50.000 Nightium dan 10 General Jasper II.


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