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[S2E20] Kiss Of The Muse !!BETTER!!

Nick and the police question Khloe, who states that the author was her boyfriend and Anton is her ex. She then kisses Nick's hand in gratitude. Finding Anton's address, the police arrive and find he had an obsession with Khloe. Nick then gets a call from Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch), who is inviting him to dinner, which he accepts. Nick visits Khloe to check on her and she kisses him, revealing she is a Wesen named Musai.

[S2E20] Kiss of the Muse

Monroe and Hank take Rosalee (Bree Turner) to the trailer in an attempt to find a cure for Nick. They find that the kiss of a Musai causes an addiction that could end with death. Past victims include Vincent van Gogh. The only cure may be true love. Anton makes a painting of Khloe in streets, dragging Nick's attention. Juliette arrives at the spice shop and meets Rosalee and Monroe, stating she now believes Nick's claims of the Wesen world and the Grimms and asks for explanations. Rosalee tells her that she may be the key to Nick's condition.

Nick McHatton from TV Fanatic, gave a 3.7 star rating out of 5, stating: "Well, that was underwhelming. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but something that low key to drag Nick out of his kiss of the crazy certainly wasn't it."[5]

Nick discovers a muse-like Wesen with the ability to influence those she gets close to - some with positive results, others with terrifying ones. Nick must find a way to get close without losing himself in the process. Juliette arranges a dinner date with Nick in the hopes of clearing the air, but their plans go awry as the case intensifies. Meanwhile, Rosalee takes her first visit to Aunt Marie's trailer.

Musai are a humanoid Wesen species who seek out artistically-inclined men and bond with them. The presence of a Musai unlocks enormous creativity and skill, leading to the creation of greater art. Unfortunately, the psychotropic effects of the Musai kiss also lead to increasingly violent behaviour, and since the effect is addictive, it only gets worse, leading to insanity and/or death.

Since Musai are deceptive creatures, it's not known how much control they have over their abilities, and whether it's even possible for them to kiss someone without delivering the psychotropic agent. In any case, at least some Musai have been shown to rationalize the effects of this toxin as beneficial, being proud of the works of art that their victims create, and claiming that a brief life of passion and creation is preferable to a long life of banality.

Meisner brought Adalind and the baby near the meeting place in Rafz, Switzerland. He told Adalind to stay in the car, and he got out to look around the area to make sure it was safe. He went into a forested area and was spied on by members of the Verrat. When they tried to attack, they lost sight him. As two of the Verrat looked around the area, Meisner jumped down from a tree and fought them both. After he defeated them, he saw the plane arriving for Adalind, so he ran back to the car. When he arrived, she and the baby were missing. He went to look for them once more, and when he found them, he saw multiple bodies on the ground. He asked Adalind if she killed them, and she shook her head. Kelly Burkhardt appeared and said she was the one who killed them and that she'd "take it from here." They all quickly headed to the plane before more Verrat showed up. Kelly told them whoever set up the meeting did a terrible job because the Verrat arrived hours ago, but luckily she arrived before they did. Adalind told Meisner she didn't even know who the woman was, but Meisner said they could probably trust her because she saved their lives. Meisner and Adalind said their goodbyes. Adalind told him, "If it hadn't been for you, I would have been dead a long time ago," and kissed him on the cheek before getting on the plane. After the plane left, Meisner called Sean and told him Adalind was on her way out of the country. Meisner told Sean about the Verrat's attempted ambush and their "contact" being there first, fortunately. Meisner told Sean that after seeing what their contact did to the Verrat, Adalind and her baby were in good hands. Sean asked if he had heard from Sebastien, and Meisner said he saw what Prince Viktor did to him. Meisner told Sean that if it weren't for Sebastien, they wouldn't have gotten this far and doubted that he would still be alive. Sean told Meisner that it would probably be a good idea for him to disappear for awhile, and Meisner agreed.[14]

Nick called Meisner using Chavez' former phone to talk about seeing Juliette, but Meisner cautioned him that the woman he knew no longer existed. Nick insisted on talking to her still, so Meisner told him he needed more time and hung up. Later, Trubel showed up on her motorcycle at the Hadrian's Wall building where Meisner was waiting, already having anticipated her arrival. He told Trubel that she shouldn't have come, but Trubel was furious that he hadn't told her Juliette was alive. She demanded to know where she was and tried to get past Meisner, but he stopped her and said he'd contact Nick when the time was right. Trubel, not satisfied with that answer, started fighting Meisner, who tried to get her to stop by telling her she was still hurt and would only make it worse. Eventually, he ended up pinning her arm behind her back, and when Trubel demanded to know what he did to Juliette, Meisner answered back, "What we had to!" Later that night, Meisner laid on the bed in his room thinking about when he'd helped deliver Diana and when Adalind kissed him on the cheek goodbye for all his help getting her safely out of Vienna.[24] There was then a knock on his door, and a H.W. soldier entered and told Meisner that they knew where someone would be. He handed Meisner a tablet that had a picture of the person he was referring to and "Prosecco's Restaurant" pinpointed. Meisner then said they had one hour and left. After Eve killed the target at Prosecco's Restaurant and Nick killed the target's two bodyguards, Meisner called Nick and informed him that the man Eve killed was Samuel Rankin, an organizer for Black Claw, and that this was their one chance to kill him. Nick said that a lot of innocent people could have been injured, and Meisner said that's why they wanted Nick to be there. Nick asked Meisner if it was all some kind of test, and Meisner confirmed it was. He then said he'd be in touch and apologized for the mess.[25]

During a party celebrating the end of midterms, Dwayne finds himself attracted to Whitley. She agrees to dance with him, but runs out after he grabs her ass. Whitley is disturbed by an erotic dream about Dwayne, for which Kim teases her mercilessly. Whitley daydreams about Dwayne in the computer lab. After he helps her retrieve a file, she kisses him without thinking. Dwayne believes that Whitley is the secret admirer who sent him brownies and a poetry book; he becomes convinced that she wants him. Kim saves him from humiliation by revealing that Freddie sent the gifts. Whitley confesses to Lettie that she is a virgin. Lettie assures her that she has no reason to be embarrassed, and says that she shouldn't read too much into dreams. When Freddie offers to bow out, Whitley melodramatically declares that she will step aside and let Freddie have Dwayne. Air Date : 3rd-Nov-1988 Read More

Freddie grapples with writer's block as she works on a creative writing assignment. Kim encourages her to take a break and come to a party, which Dwayne and Ron have organized in honor of a popular rib joint's final night in business. Whitley has resolved to eat only healthy foods, but finds herself tempted by the ribs. Freddie gets drunk and claims to have rediscovered her ""muse."" After Walter breaks up the party, she steals some booze and ends up passed out in the library. She awakes with a hangover the next morning and discovers that the paper she wrote while drunk is terrible. Walter lies about his culinary abilities to impress Jaleesa. Lettie and Mr. Gaines try to teach him to cook to ensure that his dinner with Jaleesa isn't a total disaster. Air Date : 26th-Jan-1989 Read More

Dwayne and Ron plan to rent a beautiful apartment for the next school year. They can no longer afford the place after Ron's father cuts back on his allowance because of his slipping grades. They are forced to rent a dump that is managed by Velma Gaines. Dwayne and Ron throw a housewarming party and decide that their new apartment will work out. Walter looks forward to a summer of freedom, until Jaleesa announces that she has received a promotion and can visit more often than expected. They agree to spend time apart to ""sow wild oats."" Whitley plans to work at a museum all summer, but feels guilty because she would rather join her mother on a cruise. Dwayne encourages her to have fun, as there will be plenty of time to work and act responsibly in the future. Dwayne and Whitley begin to show an interest in each other. Air Date : 4th-May-1989 Read More

After a heartfelt and honest talk with Mary Margaret, Regina finds Robin Hood at his campsite who apologizes for losing her heart. He promises her he will get it back, to which she responds by passionately kissing him. This was a lovely movement of growth from her character, not letting fear stop her from embracing her feelings for this man- feelings that were strong enough even without her heart to help her be brave. And what a kiss it was!

This episode was so well timed, it was where Castle and Beckett are once again at their best, solving murders and having fun (in a way). These light-hearted episodes are what differentiates Castle from other series such as Bones. I loved the episode, and that moment, with Kate smiling at the end, it's like she was thinking about kissing Castle while watching the other two! Ahhh! That was the best moment of the episode for me! 041b061a72


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