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[S1E1] Bitch

Diane was a cunning bitch, er courtesan, many years Henri's senior. Henri had been honest with Catherine at their first meeting about Diane's influence on him, but Catherine thought that her kinship to Diane would endear her to Henri.

[S1E1] Bitch

Florence is at war with France; rampaging and lustful French soldiers break into the convent looking for the "Medici bitch." They could have been rougher with her, but she is dumped in the street, forgotten. She asks a passerby for help. He reassures her she'll be fine, and he should know: He's a magician! Sure enough, help arrives in the form of her uncle, Pope Clement (Charles Dance, enjoying his role immensely), who claims Catherine as his property.

Plenty of attention, however, is spent on establishing Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) as this season's big villain, a citified real estate developer attempting to secure a parcel of Dutton's land on which to build subdivisions, maybe even build another town. In the real "real" Montana, this would be settled in a courthouse, but in the Montana of TV's "Yellowstone", it means Dutton damming a river before it can get onto Jenkin's newly purchased land. As Jenkins and Dutton's tense exchange (next to a golf course, of all things) comes to a close, Dutton says "you owe me a horse, you son of a bitch." Ah, so that was Jenkins's land-moving equipment that caused the (otherwise never mentioned again) wreck that opens the program. 041b061a72


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