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Good Websites To Buy Concert Tickets [PORTABLE]

In Japan, concert tickets are sold in several stages. Usually, the sooner you manage to buy your tickets, the earlier you will get into the venue, and a greater chance to get the best seats. Exceptions are concerts with reserved seats, which are rare.

good websites to buy concert tickets

To buy tickets online in Japan, you can use agencies such as Ticket Pia (チケットぴあ), Lawson Ticket (ローソンチケット), eplus (イープラス), Rakuten Tickets, and many others. However, while it used to be possible to order your ticket through one of these agencies and then purchase it through a konbini (24-hour convenience store) terminal, creating a new account now requires SMS verification and a Japanese SIM card. Much more convenient is instead to buy your tickets directly through one of these terminals, without having to log in to the website.

To buy tickets for a Japan concert online outside of Japan, you can turn to an agency that sells e-tickets (electronic tickets) for major Japanese events. Japan Concert Tickets is an authorized reseller for promoters including Smash Japan, Creativeman, Avex Entertainment, IndieAsia, RedBull, and Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. It offers a great selection of tickets that can be safely purchased outside of Japan and used during your trip.

There are also some international agencies that operate in the secondary market of reselling concert tickets worldwide (Viagogo, Stubhub), so just enter Japan (or a city in Japan) in the search field to see the available options. Tickets for sale on these websites can reach astronomical prices, especially for the most coveted events, so consider all options and make your decision according to your budget and how unmissable the event is for you.

As we saw above, there are agencies like Japan Concert Tickets that allow you to buy concert tickets through their English-language websites. The same goes for proxy services and second-hand ticket retailers. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy your tickets through a Japanese agency or in-person in Japan, it will be best to check an online guide or look for a tutorial on YouTube, as almost none of these options are available in languages other than Japanese.

Whether you want to take the chance to see your favorite artist on tour in Japan or just spend one night at a small neighborhood live house, attending a live show in Japan will be the icing on the cake of your trip. Buying tickets for an event so far away may seem like a titanic task, but as we have seen in this article, the options make it easy and you will surely find the one that suits you. Enjoy your nice concert!