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Good Websites To Buy Concert Tickets [PORTABLE]

In Japan, concert tickets are sold in several stages. Usually, the sooner you manage to buy your tickets, the earlier you will get into the venue, and a greater chance to get the best seats. Exceptions are concerts with reserved seats, which are rare.

good websites to buy concert tickets

To buy tickets online in Japan, you can use agencies such as Ticket Pia (チケットぴあ), Lawson Ticket (ローソンチケット), eplus (イープラス), Rakuten Tickets, and many others. However, while it used to be possible to order your ticket through one of these agencies and then purchase it through a konbini (24-hour convenience store) terminal, creating a new account now requires SMS verification and a Japanese SIM card. Much more convenient is instead to buy your tickets directly through one of these terminals, without having to log in to the website.

To buy tickets for a Japan concert online outside of Japan, you can turn to an agency that sells e-tickets (electronic tickets) for major Japanese events. Japan Concert Tickets is an authorized reseller for promoters including Smash Japan, Creativeman, Avex Entertainment, IndieAsia, RedBull, and Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. It offers a great selection of tickets that can be safely purchased outside of Japan and used during your trip.

There are also some international agencies that operate in the secondary market of reselling concert tickets worldwide (Viagogo, Stubhub), so just enter Japan (or a city in Japan) in the search field to see the available options. Tickets for sale on these websites can reach astronomical prices, especially for the most coveted events, so consider all options and make your decision according to your budget and how unmissable the event is for you.

As we saw above, there are agencies like Japan Concert Tickets that allow you to buy concert tickets through their English-language websites. The same goes for proxy services and second-hand ticket retailers. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy your tickets through a Japanese agency or in-person in Japan, it will be best to check an online guide or look for a tutorial on YouTube, as almost none of these options are available in languages other than Japanese.

Whether you want to take the chance to see your favorite artist on tour in Japan or just spend one night at a small neighborhood live house, attending a live show in Japan will be the icing on the cake of your trip. Buying tickets for an event so far away may seem like a titanic task, but as we have seen in this article, the options make it easy and you will surely find the one that suits you. Enjoy your nice concert! actually owns StubHub, but it can be used as an alternative to StubHub anyway, since it allows for the buying and selling of tickets (among other things). One of the main reasons that you might want to use eBay for buying tickets is that you can bid on items in auctions, or submit price offers for them. This means that you are able to get your tickets at discounted prices, instead of having to pay the face value. However, you may not be able to get tickets electronically as frequently; this may mean that you have to wait for a seller to email them to you or send them to you by courier, which may be less reliable. is one of the largest event ticket distributors in North America (if not the world), and is such one of the biggest StubHub competitors. It sells tickets made available directly by event venues, and so it avoids artificial mark-up from people looking to re-sell tickets to popular events (like they may do on StubHub). However, Ticketmaster has been criticized for adding its own large mark-ups to ticket prices through numerous selling fees.

Websites that sell tickets vary in their format, but typically fall into four categories: licensed sale on websites (or in box office), P2P (person-to-person), secondary tickets resale websites and aggregators, and scalpers. Each method has it merits, but here is the gist about each:

Pros: The tickets are always guaranteed and verified.Cons: They are usually far more expensive than any other method of buying tickets.Example sites: Ticketmaster, SeatGeek

As we just mentioned, knowing when tickets go on sale is important for scoring them. Do an Internet search for when tickets will start being sold for the event you want to go to. Also, be sure to already have an account with up-to-date payment information set up on your ticket purchasing site of choice, and log into it ahead of time (before tickets go on sale). Having to set up an account before you actually get to buying tickets will cost you precious time that prepared shoppers will use to snatch up seats!

If you have friends or family who have accounts on ticket websites (and maybe even want to go to the event with you), you can ask them to scout for seats right along with you! The more sources looking for tickets for you, the better the chances of actually getting what you want.

People used to view ticket reselling unfavorably. The mere mention of the word scalping brings to mind shady characters loitering on street corners, selling concert tickets for a higher price to people who could not get one for themselves before they sold out. Keep in mind ticket reselling is different than scalping, which is illegal in many places.

Ticket reselling, which is mainly done online, means you buy concert or event tickets at a lower price and then sell them at a higher sale price to earn a profit. It could also mean ticket brokering or touting. You buy concert tickets from a licensed seller, such as a concert organizer, in bulk, and then resell them at a higher price.

StubHub is one of the most popular resale sites. You can list your tickets on the website for free. However, StubHub charges a commission fee slightly higher than other resale options when you do sell a ticket.

Ticket reselling can be profitable, although it might not seem so to some people. After all, why would someone buy a ticket for $1,000 when it was being sold for $700 earlier? Well on the one hand, if the concert tickets are for a famous artist, they sell out quickly as fans who need help getting their hands on tickets are ready to buy them at a higher price to hear their favorite artist live. On the other, if there is a last-minute rush for an event, people hurry to buy tickets and are willing to pay resellers a higher price.

Though Budelli says every event and tour has its own unique life cycle, it's possible to score deals by keeping an eye on prices as the show gets closer and buying when you sense a lull in interest (right now is probably a good time to look for tickets to August and September concerts, for example).

We found that even though more than a quarter of concert tickets are purchased three months or more before a show, those early buyers are actually costing themselves money by getting their tickets that far in advance.

Tickets purchased that far in advance cost nearly 14% more than the average ticket price on the secondary market. On the flip side, we found that tickets cost 33% less than average when purchased the same day a concert is taking place. Tickets purchased the day before a show were also a good deal, costing 27% lower than average.

One of the shows included in this study is the Lumineers concert on May 17, 2022, in Jacksonville, Florida. We graphed out changes in ticket prices for that concert over time and compared that to our overall results to show just how well these general trends can match up with specific shows.

There was one point where Lumineers tickets notably diverged from overall trends thanks to a significant price spike six days before the concert when prices jumped to $284.20. Prices quickly normalized, however, as the day after that average ticket costs dropped by nearly $125 to $160.45.

From there, prices settled to under $100 for each of the four days immediately leading up to the concert. Two days before the show is when Lumineers fans got the best deal, paying just $71.65 on average for tickets.

One of the festivals we examined was BottleRock Napa, which took place in Napa, California from May 27-29 and was headlined by artists such as Metallica, Pink, and 21 Pilots. Similar to our concert analysis, we graphed out changes in pass prices for that festival over time and compared that to our overall results.

FinanceBuzz analyzed 22,340 tickets sold across 9,254 transactions completed on the secondary market for concerts performed by 14 major musical acts across multiple genres: Billie Eilish, Billy Joel, Chris Stapleton, Dave Matthews Band, The Eagles, Elton John, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, The Lumineers, Morgan Wallen, Orville Peck, Paul McCartney, Still Woozy, and Tame Impala. Concerts took place between April 9-May 24, 2022.

All data was downloaded from which tracks secondary market ticket sales for each event in our analysis. This data included date of purchase, the number of tickets sold, and the per-ticket sales price.

The star entertainers perform after the last rodeo event is completed and the stage is set. Actual start times for the concert can vary day to day due to the varying number of rodeo competitors and other production elements.

Primary tickets, purchased directly from RODEOHOUSTON, and verified secondary market tickets are available for purchase on the same page at Once secondary market tickets are available to purchase, they will appear in the link as a different color than primary market tickets. Secondary market tickets may be available prior to the public on sale(s) via its own link, should a Rodeo season ticket holder decide to sell their tickets for a specific night, but those secondary market tickets will be taken off sale during the public onsale. The 2023 public onsale date will be announced at a later time. After the public onsale traffic has peaked, primary and secondary tickets will be available to purchase on the same page at, identified with different colors. 041b061a72


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