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How To Create A Playlist On Traktor Pro

In this video we go over all you need to know about playlists in Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2. Learn how to create playlists, export them as webpages, organize the tracks you want to play in the Preparation Playlist, and see which tracks you have played in your History Playlist.

How To Create A Playlist On Traktor Pro

What if I move a folder? Rename my hard disk? Move to another computer? Oh God, no no no, all of that breaks Traktor! Rename back, quick! Oh wait, but the collection file is already saved and overwritten, and all my playlists are goooooone! Fuuuuuuuuuck!

The second straightforward method that most computer users will be familiar with is the drag-and-drop system. Simply pick up a file, folder, or playlist in your finder or explorer window and drop it into the library screen of RekordBox.

A handy tip is to drag an entire folder into the playlists tab of RekordBox and the software will automatically start creating a playlist for all the files in the folder you have just imported. Creating playlists can be a great tool when organizing a larger collection, more of that later.

Color codes can also be an efficient way of sorting your tracks when making a mixtape or your next playlist. To work as a Dynamic labeling system you need to ensure the color column is already activated in your library.

Perhaps the most convenient way to organize your music in Rekordbox is using Playlists. They are very easy to set up to manage larger collections. You can either drag and drop a whole folder into the playlist tab as described earlier or simply press the plus icon to create a new playlist.

Rekordbox calculates your track data and then organizes the music into playlists according to the criteria you have chosen. It could be custom tags you have created in My Tag, genre, import date, BPM, or a combination of many criteria.

The Related Tracks Playlist looks at the tunes currently on your deck and suggests other tracks which may fit according to their key, pitch, or tempo and any other criteria you may add. This can be especially handy when playing live but also useful when setting up your next playlist for an upcoming set. Think of it as having another DJ in your ear whispering suggestions.

In the top right corner of the RekordBox screen just below the decks, you will find an icon that opens the playlist palette. Hovering over the icon will display a pop-up allowing the Playlist Palette Function to be shown or hidden.

This allows you to browse an additional four playlists at the same time as your main list, in effect five playlists at any given time. Simply drag and drop the required playlist into one of the four extra windows when the palette is open.

In addition, with the palette open you will get three tab icons above your collection, each of which can hold another four playlists. This gives you a handy and quick interchangeable set of twelve playlists.

The playlists and all analysis and cue points are stored in an XML file created by Rekordbox. The location of this file will depend on which OS you are using on your laptop and the version of Rekordbox you have installed.

Since RekordBox v5.1 there has been an AutoMix feature that lets the app mix tracks together added to a playlist with beat matching and phrase-mixed accuracy. The Related tracks Playlists can especially benefit from this giving you suggestions on what to mix in next.

For new DJs or those who want to get started, you might be thinking: where do I create my DJ playlist? What kind of equipment or software do I need? The good news is that if you have a laptop, you can be a DJ!

These aspects of DJing are definitely less glamorous and sexy but are 100% essential to your success. So, think through the practical details as you plan and prepare to create the best DJ playlist for your next gig.

So, are you feeling ready to get out there? Creating the best DJ playlist for your next gig is a matter of nailing down a concept, prepping your list, and thinking through practical considerations. We really believe preparation makes for the best experience, so feel free to contact us to get a quote and learn more about DJ insurance.

Therefore, knowing the energy level, the vibe, and the flow of the track, I can fully control the direction of the set. And thanks to the playlists, I know exactly where the next track is. This classification of all the tracks and new arrivals in my media library is the main work on the preparation of my DJ sets.

Mixed In Key analyzes your music files, and shows you the Energy Level number for each track. The numbers go from 1 to 10. You can create playlists based on these numbers and group similar vibes together.

etc...from Traktor Pro to Rekordbox, iTunes, Serato, VirtualDJ and djayThe DJ Conversion Utility converts hot cues, saved loops and beat grids from Native Instruments Traktor Pro to Pioneer's Rekordbox. Cues are stored both as hot cues as well as memory cues and keep their given names. The converted folders and playlists in Rekordbox will appear identical to how they are in Traktor, with the nesting structure intact. from Rekordbox, Traktor Pro, Virtual DJ and Serato DJ Pro to djay Pro 2 on macOS and djay 2 and Pro on iOSThe DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU) converts cue points and loops with their names from Rekordbox to Algoriddim's djay. Serato DJ Pro, VDJ and Traktor users need to use DJCU to create a Rekordbox.xml than take that file as a source for DJCU's Rekordbox conversion. DJCU will generate a file that can be used with the latest versions of the djay apps on both platforms iOS and macOS. Because djay iPhone does not support loops yet the iOS-friendly option converts the start of a loop to a cue. On macOS, all 8 loops and all 8 cues with their names are converted.from Serato DJ Proto Rekordbox, iTunes, Traktor, VirtualDJ and djayDJCU is the most elegant and easiest way to convert your Serato DJ crates to Rekordbox. There are 3 different variations for assigning cues and loops to Rekordbox's hot and memory banks. The converted folders and playlists in Rekordbox will appear identical to how the crates look in Serato, with their nesting structure intact. From Rekordbox XMLto SeratoThe following Rekordbox data is converted to Serato:

Other metadata such as import dates are not converted.The supported audio formats for the Rekordbox to Serato conversion are MP3, AIFF, FLAC, MP4 (=m4a), and WAV. I'm especially proud of WAV since it officially has no tagging mechanism grids are not converted to WAV. iTunes integration for Traktor Pro, Rekordbox and Serato DJ ProThis option is extremely powerful. It gives you the possibility to recreate in iTunes the folder/playlist(s) you have in either TKP, RBDJ or the crates in Serato DJ Pro. You can even sync your iOS devices with these playlists. Denon Prime users:The Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU) and it's companion apps can use the Rekordbox(DJCU).XML file DJCU creates as input. Without the need to go through Rekordbox. DeCU and it's bundled iR Collection Backup Tool combined with DJCU enables an effortless conversion of Serato DJ Pro, Traktor and VDJ to all Denon Prime compatible hardware.

Other languages:I only speak English and Dutch, some active users have created tutorials for DJCU in their native language:French tutorial video: =RcLZa03cawUItalian tutorials:how to convert from Rekorbox to Traktor -rekordbox-traktor/

Serato Playlists is a way for DJs to export their playlists from Serato Software and share them online through their Serato profile. Using Playlists is a great way to share your set lists and mixes with your fans.

3. Once your History session data has been transmitted a web browser will open automatically and direct you to the next step in creating a Serato Playlist. At this stage, if you are not logged into you will be asked to log in. Similarly, if you do not currently have a user account will need to create one to proceed.

When you are successfully logged in to your user account you can verify which of the exported history sessions you wish to create Serato Playlists from. After making your selection click Continue.

2. Click Upload in the top navigation bar on Mixcloud and follow the instructions to upload. When you get to the section for inputting your playlist, you will see text that says playlist. Click this option.

I had created a huge playlist in my Preparation folder which containedover 100 tracks that i had spent close to a year building (every thinghad been put in the order that i was going to mix it which tookforever).

So thinking about the MacOS side of things, did you back up your previous MacOS installation before upgrading to Big Sur ? Do you have any way to revert the installation, or a time machine or any other old installation backup where you could access your playlist folder and make a copy.

Every DJ is familiar with feeling lost in the endless amount of tracks that is their music library. It is so much simpler to answer the question of what to play next when you have organized tracks sorted into playlists in Serato or whichever DJ software you prefer. The same overwhelming feeling can be very real when faced with the 400k+ tracks that make up the ZIPDJ music catalogue. ZIPDJ addresses this issue in many ways that any DJ pool would including pack curation, genre/BPM/key filters, trending charts, top download charts and more. However, the ability to sort music into personalized playlists within the pool is completely unique to ZIPDJ and is quickly growing into an extremely popular and essential feature.


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