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Makar Vorobyov
Makar Vorobyov

Presence: The Art Of Peace And Happiness - Volu...

This book describes that all human beings strive to achieve perfect authentic happiness directly or indirectly. True happiness must be cultivated by the transformation of oneself. True joy is what we need and not passing excitement. The book speaks to us about creating a contemplative and introspective mind conducive to our wellbeing and inner peace. If our mind can manage its thoughts, perceptions, and emotions, then it can change our moods and transform us forever. Strong Belief in the reality of the ego leads to human pain. Ignorance and mental toxins are the causes of unhappiness that must be eliminated and then we can open the door to our true well-being. Lasting well-being is rooted in the culture of positive emotions, wisdom, and compassion. We need to cultivate an emotionally balanced mind through long-term practice and training.

Presence: The Art of Peace and Happiness - Volu...

This book describes in detail with extreme clarity that knowing our true being is peace, happiness, and love. Our true self is always present consciousness which knows the mind, body, and the world. The belief in the existence of a separate inner self and an external world obscures our true nature. With the veiling of our true nature, an imaginary self that is limited and situated in the mind-body is seemingly created and the search for happiness in the outside world begins. Suffering is the veiling of one's true nature or happiness, not the lack of happiness. After the dissolution of the separate self that we think and feel to be, happiness and love shine forth. Peace and happiness are not the states of body and mind, but inherent to our real nature.

A great many people embrace these cults which become fashionable for a time. But when the Novelty wears off or dissatisfaction sets in, or the movements become impotent and disintegrate, then they look for another saviour, another movement or another sect, and there are many to turn to throughout the world. And so the experiment to find peace and tranquillity in one's life continues. But so far few have found happiness or peace of mind.

St. Augustine Home is located at 86th and Township Line Road, convenient to St. Vincent Hospital. We operate St. Augustine as a true home, rather than an institution, so that Residents may live in an atmosphere of peace, happiness, and security for their remaining years. Residents enjoy the convenience of all of the following: doctor and dental offices, physical therapy facilities, dining rooms, recreational areas, a full-service laundry, an industrial kitchen, meeting rooms, an award-winning garden, and a chapel that is available 24-hours a day. 041b061a72


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