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Download Cosmic Shake Lost Particles FLAC Rar

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Perverted Torments (INSTRUMENTAL REISSUE LP 2022), Perverted Torments (REISSUE LP 2022), Dissolution Of The Wicked (split 2021), Eternal Desecration (feat. Traumatomy), Devourer of Gods (single 2020), Abnormality, Somatic Hybridization promo 2017, Pestilential Synthesis, and 3 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $34.02 USD or more (40% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Pestilential Synthesis 02:23 lyrics buy track in the depths of universe is condensed energyThey wake up in the dark insane processesdisintegrations occurs in the spaceregeneration of organic particlesrecombination accumulations of ancient samples bacteriasynthesis of molecular combinationswhirlwind mist envelops spacefusion of dark matter leads to the emergence of pernicious bacteriaexternal factors destructive forces nurtured sinister seedwithin the entity are wandering the ancient horrorsNanocells lies in the primitive spirit of darknessdense atmosphere fills the inside of the matterachieved the level of organic protostar 2. Epicyclic Biomorph 03:34 lyrics buy track A nucleus pulsates in the maelstrom of temporal eventsThe fabric fibers obduces a horrid bacteriumIn the unfathomable darkness there is a process of the world's creationAn entity of planetary scale is born The being receives consciousnessThe being forms organics shell around itselfThe formed ganglion reproduces simulacrum of a supramental fetusAn ancient mind is integrated in a powerful moduleA deity of other worlds settled in the cluster of organic massThe biomorph acquires enormous power in deep expanseThe epicyclic biomorph imbued with the apocalyptic spirit The epicyclic biomorph - the ruler of the kingdom of organicIt is the personification of the greatness of the ancient worldFluxes of the cosmic wind dispel the ashes of the dead tissueUnclean energy fills the abode of the semidarknessСosmogenic divinity among the dead space 3. Intrauterine Violence 02:28 lyrics buy track The cradle of genesis dooms unborntaste the range of disease-causing sufferingon the umbilical cord in the cocoons of poisonous streams consistencyeruption uterine discharge penetrate the entrailswomb is filled with insanityinfernal vision envelop the fetusconsciousness is immersed in nightmarish visionsembryo covers convulsive spasms of ominous origintoxic essence envelops the fleshsplitting the primordial matterburst of energy penetrates epitheliumsuffering is impregnated inside rudimentthe violent birth of selection processwomb absorbs particles of decompositionRuthless fetal suffering reveal the face of hostile 4. Hypodermic Incubation 02:39 lyrics buy track swollen painful ulcerated blistersin the flesh realm of organics born abominationprocesses cause severe painbursts of agony cause muscle spasms chainadrenaline bursts increases the acidity in the bloodAcid formation burn inside cocoonssprawling molecules inside cells strengthenindividual acquires lethal guisecarnal tissue absorptionepidermis transmits neural link terrible sufferingallocation lead to tissue necrosisindividuals break through the virginal membranecover surface shrouded in darknessunder the onslaught of the martyrdom of incubationgeeks crawl out of the pitch darkness 5. Abhorrent Ontogenesis 03:04 lyrics buy track black kneaded organogenic systemchemical elements intertwined blood cellsuncharted organic force creates metamorphosesCentrifuge mixing particles removes weaknessesDNA is reconstructed bit by bit, the individual structuredisgusting fusion energy under the pressurerebuild of organism, monstrous power voltagebiochemistry creates unimaginable processesbiochemistry reigns within each cellorganogenic elements rebuild congenital particlesorganogenesis progresses disgusting side inside of an organismpainful periods are replaced by the phases of the mutationhigher samples ascend into the darkness after passing stages of gastrulation 6. Biogenic Enmity 02:57 lyrics buy track existence of hostile hordes throughout the era of lightdestruction of clans and types of higher beingsdesire - sustenance, evolution, the power of the lower domaincollective intelligence breaks the way for the development of viciousLegion dominion by feuding, violent stage of civilization.ascent of flesh and bonescannibalism flourishes .... bloodshed blurring the fleshevolution by devouring the remains of a blood packabove the instincts of spiritual bondage.progress is inevitable, the strongest ascend to the throneIt stimulates the creation of new models of the conquest of other worldshigher intelligence intoxicate the consciousness, the blood feud leaders of flockthe dark side of organic kingdom 7. Spiritual Devastation 02:36 lyrics buy track under the influence of cerebral influences, revives Massmortified sink under cover of creepfiber fabric burns chemical burnsthe atmosphere sees ptomaine dustsplash putrefaction contains particles of the spiritual spectrumwind carries dust particles cadaver into the sphere of deathorganogenic sphere absorbs the gifts of spiritual sufferingsoul clad in sphere doomed to comprehend tormentssinister dissonance stream enveloped spacefeatureless darkness absorbs the energy of fallenunknown psionic power is ruled by weak souls 8. Abysmal Penumbra 02:24 lyrics buy track featureless sphere pernicious environment crave empty energy of darknessenough of formless force powerful gifts of ancientvoltage shakes spaceabsorption the dark veil of gloomy eventstime stops, breaks the continuumcopulation of light and darkness forms the formation of dark daysSunrise eternal darkness in the maelstrom of light forms bottomless penumbranew phase of the kingdom among the rising boundless chaos 9. Malignant Degeneration 02:48 lyrics buy track weak invest in the foundation of civilization developmentcruelty exceeds reasonable limitsprocess of transplantation bone cellsin the layers of the epidermis is ground every bit cells and moleculesforcible mastery of the process of evolutionary naturetesting cancer cells in experimental experimentsmalignant degenerationcancer cells are studying the body of the victimmalignant degenerationindividuals subject to agonymalignant degenerationcancer devours fiber neural linkall living is burned to ashes turning innermalignant degenerationreborn from the ashes rises the individualwith a monstrous alien immunity to external factors 10. Abnormal Phenomenon 02:59 lyrics buy track lights in the eternal centrifuge penumbrasudden influence on the structure of materialdecay of organic planetary systempenetration another regression gives all living thingsexternal flow vaporizes realitybiological and chemical processes of lost propertybiogenic kingdom born of the oldest soulsIt falls on the ruins of otherworldly projectionthe interaction with the other to change course of eventsDarkness abnormality information erase the existing worldabnormal phenomenon forms abysstransforms totality of organic matter in the nothing about Line up:Guttural - Kirill (Disfigurement of Flesh)Guitars - Dmitriy Bass - RustamDrums - Constantine (Disfigurement of Flesh, Traumatomy)Label Pathologicaly Explicit REC. $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released December 8, 2016 All Music Written by Decomposition of EntrailsGuitars Arrangement by KirillDrums Arrangement by ConstantineMixMasteredDrum programmed by Egor Krotov at Saturos StudioArtwork by Rudi Yanto at Gorgingsuicide art $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags death metal metal slamming brutal death metal ultra brutal ural brutal death metal Kyshtym Shopping cart total USD Check out about Decomposition Of Entrails Kyshtym, Russia

Download Cosmic Shake Lost Particles FLAC rar



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