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Buy Bottle Sparklers

Bottle sparklers are one of our hottest selling items, and for good reason. Also known as champagne bottle sparklers, these fountain-style sparklers are the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to the bottles you serve at your wedding. With a little help from these beautiful additions, your champagne ceremony will be transformed into a breathtaking visual delight.

buy bottle sparklers

Ramping up from just the head table, some couples prefer to have all the bottles of champagne delivered with a sparkler. If you have a large guest list, it can be a tall order to achieve this. But if your wedding is a manageable size, coordinating several bottles of champagne with sparklers attached can be well worth the trouble.

Besides just being used at weddings, bottle sparklers can be used in the nightclub and restaurant scene. Many nightclubs use sparklers for bottle service packages to increase sales and generate awareness. Many restaurants use them for birthdays or special desserts to add more perceived value to their dining room. Both restaurants and nightclubs can benefits from adding sparklers to their current lineup.

Whether you use them at your wedding, another type of event, or at your nightclub or restaurant, bottle sparklers can transform an ordinary champagne bottle into a sparkling masterpiece. There is no substitute for sparklers designed for use with bottles, and these are made for that specific purpose. Also, since they are identical to our wedding cake sparklers, they have more than one purpose.

We bought a box of these bottle sparklers for our champagne bottles at our wedding reception, and everyone loved them! It was so cool watching the wait staff enter the room to pour champagne with sparks flying out of the bottles! If you are looking for a great way to make a huge impression at your reception, look no further.

I bought a few packs of these for my wedding anniversary to surprise my wife when I brought out the champagne bottle. What a great reaction! the never expected the bottle to have a pair of sparklers attached to it, and her jaw nearly hit the floor. The next evening when we had our friends over to celebrate, I put sparklers on all the bottles for us to light at the same time. Needless to say, you will likely be getting business from all the guests at my party becasue they were absolutely thrilled. Thanks guys!

I have been buying bottle sparklers from another company for nearly 2 years now, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical switching to a new company. However, at 25% cheaper than the company I was buying them through, I figured I would give these guys a try. Not only are their bottle sparklers much cheaper than the other company, they are WAY better quality, last longer, and they were delivered 3 days faster than the average shipment I was getting from the other guys. I am SO glad I found this company; they are saving me over $1000 per year and I am getting better quality sparklers. You have gained yourselves a very loyal customer.

I first saw bottle sparklers being used at a nightclub, but when I saw them on this site when looking for sparklers for my wedding I had to give them a try. We used them for the champagne bottles for our head table and they were a huge favorite among our guests. My only regret is that I should have bought more for every table instead of just the head table.

By far cheaper than bottle sparklers from the other online stores and they are superior quality. I own a nightclub and the company I used to order through has become lackluster. This company ships faster, costs less, and has better quality bottle sparklers than I used to get.

We really want to have our wedding reception stand out from the others, so we decided to pick up some of these bottle sparklers to make things more exciting. We have not had a chance to use them yet, but with all the great reviews I believe they will perform as expected. Delivery was very fast too.

When our champagne bottles entered the reception hall, it was the coolest moment at our wedding. Our guests talked about it all night, and a few people even said they wanted them for their home parties. Apparently, they also work on cakes, Anyways, great company with good prices, products, and fast shipping. A+

Had to make our wedding super small because of stupid COVID-19. The wife really wanted a send-off exit, but that would have been lame with only 6 guests. We opted for these bottle sparklers and it was very cool. They last a lot longer than a short sparkler, and they create a really cool effect.

My husband wanted something really special for our champagne toast. He suggest releasing live animals, but I told him that was out of the question. Instead, I talked him into trying these bottle sparklers. They were a huge hit and everyone really was surprised.

Champagne bottle sparklers for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are a really great way to give a special experience to your customers that buy premium VIP packages. Our line of products can increase the sales of your premium packages because folks are attracted to the spectacle. Most commonly, our items are used as champagne bottle service sparklers because of the high cost associated with premium spirits. However, they also work great for liquor and wine too and last a long time. Adding a gold bottle sparkler to your VIP packages will cost less than $1. It will enable you to charge more while also increasing the number of packages your customers purchase.

The easiest way to keep your bottle sparklers right-side up is by securing them with our handy bottle clips. These bottle sparkler safety clips are compatible with most champagne, wine and liquor bottles, keeping your sparklers safe and secure.

To use these products, attach the larger clip opening to the bottle spout. Then, insert your champagne bottle sparkler into the smaller clip opening. Finally, light up the sparkler and add some excitement to your bottle services.

Ready to delight VIPs and upsell beverages with our bottle sparklers? Place your order before 3 p.m. to take advantage of same-day shipping. Also, if you need your sparklers and bottle sparkler clips sooner, you can select rush shipping at checkout for an extra quick delivery.

No matter what kind of party you'll be hosting, VIP bottle sparklers will thrill every guest in attendance. While having everyone's favorite bubbly on hand will create a festive atmosphere, bottle sparklers help take your event to the next level.

Everyone at the nightclub will be amazed when you bring out bottles that light up the entire room. Here at King of Sparklers, we can help you achieve this effect and add some excitement to your next clubbing experience.

Use our bottle sparklers to kick off a night of fun in spaces like restaurants, bars, lounges and nightclubs. Maybe a guest is celebrating a birthday or a special event like an anniversary or promotion. These sparklers will help create an unforgettable night.

Our sparklers have been used in major lounges and nightclubs across the United States for bottle service. To use our VIP bottle sparklers, attach one or more of the products to virtually any liquor, wine or champagne bottle with one of our bottle sparkler safety clips. Adding these clips will keep the sparklers from falling or flipping downward during the festivities. Then, light the sparkler when it's time to present the beverage to the guest of honor.

These products will make any bottle presentation spectacular, and the sparkling effect will add visual appeal to photos. VIP bottle sparklers are also an easy way to generate interest in your business, as partiers will want to snap photos and post them to their social media accounts.

Are you looking for ways to give customers with premium VIP packages an unforgettable experience? Whether you want to light up your bar or lounge, or are hosting a party for family and friends, VIP bottle sparklers are an excellent way to add flair and excitement to your special event.

VIP bottle sparklers draw attention with a shower of eye-catching golden sparks to create that wow factor for party guests. Bottle sparklers can accompany premium spirits, liquor and wine for a long-lasting burn. After all, customers are more likely to purchase a drink with a little added flair! Champagne bottle sparklers will drive sales for your:

Every party is unique, so we at King of Sparklers offer different types of bottle sparklers for champagne and cakes. Stock your nightclub with plenty of bottle sparklers to liven up all your beverages and wow everyone in the crowd.

Bottle sparklers are the perfect addition to everything from birthday parties to nightclub events. They also add a special touch to weddings. Whether you place one in the bottle for the couple or pass them around in bottles for guests, everyone in attendance is sure to be impressed.

At King of Sparklers, you can always expect to find the highest quality bottle sparklers. We are a nationwide supplier, making it easy for you to experience our great customer service and innovative products no matter where you are located. We also offer rush shipping for those times you need your party supplies even faster.

Dim the lights and hush the crowd for an epic cake reveal at your wedding or next birthday party. With 10 inches of sparks, this cake or bottle sparkler is sure to awe your guests and be the highlight of the night. Pop them on the top of champagne bottles for extra dazzle.

These sparklers have a one-inch plastic spike that can be speared into the cake or food item to stabilize. When using them with a beverage, attach up to two bottle clips to the neck of any champagne, wine, or soda bottle and then slide the sparklers onto the clip. Make sure to light the flat, white part of the sparkler.

Since starting in 2017, we have supplied sparklers to thousands of brides and are 100% confident tht our sparklers light easily and stay lit to ensure a perfect send off. All of our products are in stock year round. 041b061a72


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