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Makar Vorobyov

Raising The Bar

This phrase originates in athletic terminology around the turn of the century. It is from the area of pole vault and high jump, where it is necessary to raise the bar after each jump to reach a new height record and increase the competition. In the workplace, bosses are continually setting new targets or goals for the workers to achieve, hence raising the bar there too.

Raising the Bar

More than one quarter of all states have toughened bar exam standards in recent years, with other states poised to follow suit. About one-third of exam takers from ABA-accredited schools now fail the bar exam on the first attempt. Many of these students would have passed the bar five years ago, before states started raising their passing scores. These higher passing scores raise important policy issues about competition, diversity, and access in the legal profession. In many states, moreover, the new scores rest on a flawed statistical process. Bar examiners, unaware of these defects, are setting arbitrary passing scores that most likely exclude qualified applicants. This article explores both the policy issues surrounding recent increases to bar passing scores and the methodological defects in the statistical process used to set those scores. The analyses are important, not only for assuring fair access to the legal profession, but as a case study of the ways in which flawed statistical processes can affect policy outcomes.

I\u2019m proud of this progress, but we aren\u2019t stopping there. Today, we\u2019re raising the bar on safety by unveiling new features that will help protect all our customers and the information they entrust to us.

As people become more empowered and capable of taking ownership of their process and executing on their decisions, the next area to focus is raising the bar. This is about a drive for continuous improvement. It will be demonstrated with valuable outcomes, higher quality, and growth in the capabilities of individuals and teams.

Logitech is raising the bar for video collaboration. Tune in as Logitech Leadership and a few special guests showcase new innovative solutions to make video meetings as natural and productive as face-to-face. 041b061a72


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