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The Eternal Promise of Matching Ring Set For Couples

The Meanings and Styles of Wedding Rings

A timeless symbol of love Choose an Engagement Ring - Exploring Its Significance, Styles and Materials.

Engagement rings have a rich and ancient history, symbolizing the promise of marriage and the deep commitment to a partner. But what is the purpose of is a ring? Its circular shape, without having a distinct beginning and an end that symbolises eternal love and fidelity. Ring fingers were believed to be in direct contact with the heart. It was worn on the left. In the Middle Ages, women were traditionally presented with rings from their partners as a sign of commitment to marry and it was considered not appropriate to wear rings solely for ornamental purpose.

So, what's behind the motivation to present an engagement jewelry piece? The engagement ring is a symbol of marriage to be celebrated and, in the traditional sense, it's presented by the man to his spouse.

What is the significance of an engagement rings?

With the engagement ring a date is set for when vows are made to be pronounced as wedding promises. The ideal choice is to choose a ring that expresses the style and taste of the woman who is receiving it. For instance, a bride who wishes to mark her wedding with a minimalistic style would certainly not be a fan of a jewel that is too sumptuous, but perhaps you can find a more elegant and sophisticated object. Etiquette dictates the ring be presented a year before the wedding day, even though there isn't a fixed rule.

Types of Engagement Rings: Materials and Styles

In 1938 the De Beers family who were the leaders in the diamond business and diamond industry, began a major marketing campaign. This campaign was helped by Hollywood actors and singers. Frances Gerety, a copywriter in 1948 came up with "A diamond is forever" as the slogan of the day. This helped in establishing this tradition all over the world.

Seal your love with non other than the gold ring with a diamond The Eternal ring, is made of rose gold 9k and its curvature is external. It's a vibrant, symbolic representation of a lasting and pure love. Rose gold is becoming more and more a symbol of romantic love. This sentiment is not only for younger women. It is more sophisticated and original than white or yellow gold. It adds a touch of elegance and romance jewelry. Surprisingly, not everyone necessarily prefers diamonds. However, some people also appreciate the captivating colors and facets of natural stones like quartz, amethyst and the prasiolite. Amethyst's stunning purple color represents pure spirit. Quartz is a symbol of life and energy. Prasiolite is a mysterious green stone that is enchanting and mysterious. They are also appropriate for such a valuable gem because of the significance they hold. You can also opt for the 9-carat gold solitaire, that has a square stone with cushion cut, and "mosaic faceting" for those who is a fan of the natural beauty of stones.

Where Do we put on engagement rings traditionally?

Stemming from its profound value It is crucial to consider where you will wear the engagement ring. Etiquette in this respect is based on an ancient custom that connects the position of this rings to that of the wedding ring for the band. According to the tradition the engagement ring is to be worn until wedding day in the same place that the wedding ring (ring finger on the left hand) and then transferred to the ring finger on the right hand before the ceremony. In any case, regardless of whether the right hand or the left hand, the engagement band should always be worn on the finger that is the ring. In ancient times it was believed that the finger of this hand was linked to the heart via the "Vena Amoris", otherwise known as the "Vein of Love". After the wedding ceremony, it is common to wear the rings on the same left hand finger.

The meaning behind the engagement rings. All you have to do is pick the ideal piece for your loved one from the Bronzallure shop, and it will immortalize your affection. Their Eternelle collection consists of stones that are semi-precious and with a high symbolism, such as quartz, amethyst, and the prasiolite. Its unique and distinctive design, in conjunction with the carefully chosen top-quality natural stones and materials that you can be assured that you've made the right selection. This ring is guaranteed to endure and leave an indelible impression.


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