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Handicap betting, what is it? 6 Tips for beginners

For avid online betting enthusiasts, the term 'handicap betting' might not be unfamiliar. However, for newcomers, this terminology might seem entirely new and unfamiliar. So, what exactly is handicap betting? What are the strategies to win at handicap betting? Let's explore soccer tips daily aspects with Wintips through the following article.

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting, also known as the 'Asian Handicap,' involves predicting which team will start with an advantage in a game and placing a wager on that team. This type of bet typically resolves quickly because the prediction for this betting occurs in the early minutes of the game, determining the outcome of the betting session.

This betting type adds an extra layer of excitement for football enthusiasts while waiting for the matches. It serves as an additional betting option, enhancing the entertainment and suspense while watching football. Due to its quick resolution, the risk factor in this type of betting is considerably high.

On the surface, this type of betting might seem straightforward. However, to place a successful bet of this kind, one needs fundamental knowledge of football. To secure victory in handicap betting, understanding the upcoming match is crucial to weigh the options and decide which team to wager on.

According to experts, handicap betting is available only in the initial minutes of the first half of the match. In cases where a match is postponed after a team has already executed the handicap, the betting will still be acknowledged by the bookmakers. Conversely, if a match is unexpectedly canceled before a team executes the handicap, the betting will be nullified, and players will receive a refund of their initial wagers.

Handicap Betting Tips for Beginners

Despite the apparent simplicity of handicap betting, many newcomers lack sufficient experience in placing such bets. To secure victories and claim rewards, players need to grasp some tactics to place accurate handicap bets. Here are some compiled tips to assist players in devising detailed and winning betting plans: