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Makar Vorobyov
Makar Vorobyov

Nopixel Rules Arma 3 [BEST]

- No OOC Drama/Toxicity in any comments or pages- Do not discuss player bans or ban reasoning at any point- Do not remove content from a page unless it is false- Do not edit war with others, if you have in issue with someone join our Discord- Do not add false/irrelevant OOC info to character pagesDepending on the severity of the rule break, you may be permanently blocked with no warning beyond this one. Rules are subject to change at any point without notice, it is your responsibility to keep updated on the rules.If you see any comments or edits that break these rules, please report them, or inform us via Discord if it goes unnoticed. We are not always watching, and with the heavy traffic recently it is possible for us to miss some vandalism to pages.

Nopixel Rules Arma 3

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