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Alaipayuthey HD 1080p: How to Experience the Magic of this Tamil Film on Your Screen

the onscreen chemistry between sathya and srimathi is so adorable it almost looks unrealistic. srimathi, in turn, joins the bandwagon of his daughters and defends him against his father. the movie flirts with the notion of love being instantaneous. the movie also hints at the impossibility of a romance without compromise.

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the character hrithik, a political worker in the film, was a fairly normal, conventional guy that is completely unexpected in thiagarajan ravi's portraying him. he stands out in this context for his rather aggressive and bold behavior. else this film is quite devoid of such situations. it mostly spends time building character and not throwing any build-up or exposition at us. this is because the film is primarily about two women, who are strong characters. both of them act, and talk, as if they are so damn sure of themselves. as for the male characters in the film, they are just characters.

suriya's character is the prominent character in the film and probably the best thing about the film. he is a great character that one can actually identify with. not only did he provide a good viewpoint of life from the perspective of a man, but he is extremely humorous in his dialogues. suriya's role in the film is that of a carefree man that have fun all the way through. the director has played a very important part in making this character: a good one.

for all the dialogues in the film, shruti's character is the most reasonable. her character provides a fair amount of reasonable dialogues in the film. but unlike other characters, she never thinks that she is better than anyone else. as the emotions start to rise in other characters, she is the one who pulls them back with her calmness. basically, all characters come under her control because her character has a completely different perspective of the film, and provides a different viewpoint for us. it might sound banal, but it is a good character by any definition.


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